Should you Do A Club Gig Right Now?


This video is about a email I received asking “how do I feel about doing club gigs right now?” I answer with my personal opinion in mind.
Social Media Links

Instagram: djnwmi
Facebook: djnwmi
Twitter: djnwmi
Snapchat: djnwmi
TikTok: djnwmi
Camera Gear

– Cannon 80D
– Cannon Eos RP
DJ Gear I use

– Rane 72 (Rane)
– VL12 Turntables (Denon DJ)
– SC 5000 Prime Media Players (Denon DJ)
– X1800 Mixer (Denon DJ)
– DDJ- 1000 (Pioneer DJ)
– DDJ – 400 (Pioneer DJ)
– SP1 (Pioneer DJ)
– DJM S3 Mixer (Pioneer DJ)
– MCX 8000 (Denon DJ)
Video was edited on Final Cut Pro X
You can reach me at [email protected]


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