ROLLING STONES first gig The Station Hotel Crawdaddy Club Richmond ,Tribute Band Eel Pie Link below


THE ROLLING STONES FIRST GIG ,VENUE, AS THE ROLLING STONES WITH BILL ,CHARLIE, BRIAN, KEITH, MICK The Station Hotel , Crawdaddy Club, Richmond, Surrey, England, Sunday 24th February 1963,, with Stones tribute band Not The Rolling Stones.
R I P GIORGIO GOMELSKY 28 February 1934 – 13 January 2016 (aged 81).. Pete

uploaded this for a bit of fun,, original venue,,,,listening to Stones songs by an excellent band ”’Not the Rolling Stones” ”’are you having fun up there”’ bit of history nostalgia for us old folk,,and young,, thanks to Paul and Ritchie Porter for this and arranging some great nights ,, .Pete

great website/pics/characters/memories/stories on here from the guys girls that were on eel pie before during and after the Stones, luvin the nicknames ….Pete great live bands on here , Pete

Eel Pie Museum –
Jones, Jagger, Richards, Stewart and Taylor played a gig billed as “the Rolling’ Stones” on 12 July 1962, at the Marquee Club in London. Shortly afterwards the band went on their first tour of the UK, which they called a “training ground” tour, because it was a new experience for all of them. Their material included the Chicago blues as well as Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley songs,
up to this time did not include neither bassist Bill Wyman, who joined in December 1962, nor drummer Charlie Watts, who joined in January 1963, The name of the band was changed shortly after their first gig to “The Rolling Stones”.The group’s then acting manager Giorgio Gomelsky secured a Sunday afternoon residency at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond in February 1963 which, Gomelsky claimed, triggered an “international renaissance for the blues”The Beatles came to see them on 14 April 1963, and afterwards went back to Mick Jagger’s flat in Chelsea.Audiences overflowed onto the street, and the Crawdaddy was forced to move up the road to a larger venue, the Richmond Athletic Ground. During this time, the Stones had their first chart hit, a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Come On”.
Richmond,,,always been a great place,my memories as a 15 year old in 1961 ,walking down water lane to the river to the White Cross pub was,Ellis Wine Merchants which was a busy firm,,,doors open to the bottling plant and the smell of wine,,beer ,scrumpy was lovely,, top of that lane was Bold’s menswear shop,,next to the Odeon cinema was the L’Auberge coffee bar, now a pizza cafe,,3 or 4 shops up the hill from there was the Ivy shop,,nice clobber in there,,as you come over Richmond bridge facing the Odeon on the right was a great pub The Kings Head, proper old boozer,floorboards,public bar,salloon bar ,now upmarket restaurant,(nothing stays the same) in the summer of 61,62,63, all the beatniks used to lie on the grass down the side of the bridge,,never been able to ask them but sure the Stones would have been on that grass in the summer before hitting the big time,,,desert boots,,,black polo neck sweater,,corduroy trousers and donkey jacket ha,,I also had a vinco ? coat,, black pvc with black velvet collar,,,anyone remember those,,,,,smoke banana skins? asprin in a bottle of coke ??haaa,,sometimes the real thing,,Richmond police Station and magistrates court was in Paradise Road,,(find 40 shillings for singing in the high st ,ha) ,,Palm Court Hotel (Jazz) ,,The Castle ,,on the river,,, also over to Ealing Jazz Club,,The Ricky Tick Hounslow Long John,,Gino Washington,Zoot Money,,Georgie Fame,,Cream,,Jimi,,,,Ricky Tick Windsor, Stones early days,,,Richmond Athletic Ground (Crawdaddy later) with Yarbirds, Long John,, seeing the Stones at the Granada Greenford Middlesex cinema 1964,just released Not Fade Away, Mick on maracas,on the bill Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, John Leyton ,,, 4 shillings and a tanner entrance fee,,,,smell wine and think of those great days ,,Pete x


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