raiding The Ho Oh club (Gig: Monster Hunt) – Streetkid LP 53 (low HUD) | Cyberpunk 2077


shooting up a Tyger Claws club that some scum bag uses as a front for joy toy smut (Gig: Monster Hunt).

Streetkid LP 53 (low HUD, Normal difficulty) | Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4 Pro) | V character RP and build plan below:

V character RP: ‘canon’ streetkid motivated by money but still guided a sense of morality and loyalty. Risk/reward conscious: uses stealth where logical (or canon). and tries to stay within the law where the risk isn’t worth the reward. Doesn’t kill cops or civilians. But all gangs: KOS.

V character build: shotguns, offensive ranged combat, quickhacks, crafting.

V leveling stats/perks order: 20 Tech (crafting and tech weapon perks); 8 Intelligence (access node hacking); 20 Body (Annihilation and shotgun perks); 20 Cool (Cold Blood)


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