PSYCHOFARMAKA – complete Ghost-Gig at Don´t Panic Club Essen (3/5)


The complete Psychofarmaka Ghost-Gig filmed with 4 cams in the Backyard Club at Don´t Panic Essen, Germany!
Here´s part2:

Due to technical reasons the Live Stream (17.03.2020) was lowered down in sound and made with only one mobile cam.
Here´s the final Version with the best sound and 4 cams

This great Psychobilly Band from Germany had to cancel their complete upcoming release shows because of the Corona-crisis and decided to play a set in our Club to support it during the shutdown! Thanks a lot, folks! Thanks for all the worldwide fans watching the stream. This upload is for you!

Turn your Speakers and TV on, grab some drinks and enjoy it loud , so that your neighbours will love it too:-)

If you like to help the Club during the shutdown, we would be very thankful for a small donation via PayPal to:
[email protected]
Many thanks for your help to rescue the club!

New Psychofarmaka Album “Reanimates” available now!

For more infos and news see Psychofarmaka on Facebook:

Check out Don´t Panic Club Essen:


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