MKN @ Hard Exposure ( Club gig in Denmark)


After I recorded the video of MKN at Defqon.1, I got in touch with him. He mentioned that he was coming to Denmark (my home country) to play in a few months. I suggested that we recorded his set.

It’s not the typical stuff from the “big” parties i usually do, but a small club-gig MKN was booked at.
If you feel like it, and haven’t already, give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram. He is in my opinion such an underrated artist, and a really amazing guy!

Let me know if you want more stuff like this or not, and/or from less famous DJ’s.

Disclaimer: This video is a personal video-recording, and has no relation to “Hard Exposure”. I do still thank the organizer for letting me record it!
Check out “Hard Exposure” here:


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