How to get your FIRST DJ GIG (Top 3 tips)


How to get your FIRST DJ GIG (Top 3 tips)

Getting your first DJ gig can feel like an absolute mountain to climb. This gets worse if you don’t know any club managers, DJ’s or promoters! This is the situation i found myself in a few years , with hard work and a few tactics I’ve managed to make my break into the scene!

Current Set up

Pioneer DJM 450 –
Pioneer XDJ 700 –

Speakers – KRK Rokit 5 RP5 G3 Single Active Studio Monitor -
Headphones – Sony MDR1RNC Noise Cancelling Prestige Headphones –

My first ever mixer (only £80) Hercules DJ Control Instinct S –

Dave C – (DJ Profile)
Facebook –
Instagram –

Boxed In Events –…
DJ Career Help –

Bookings – [email protected]


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