How to get DJ gigs at nightclubs / DJ tips for beginners


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I’ve been working in small night club in Sydney as a marketing manager for last 7 years.

Had to add many new djs to club line up and had to cut off many of them for some reason.

This video is about what I felt when I choose new dj for club gig, what was my expectation, What I liked from them what I didn’t like from them.

I am also performing at few clubs in Sydney.
Tips about How I got those gigs, How did I joined other club teams.

I hope this video is helpful and wish you all get club gigs sometime soon!

현재 호주 시드니 판다프라이데이즈에서 디제이로 일하고있고
에이티프룹이란 클럽에서 마케팅 매니저로 일하고있습니다.
가끔씩 주변에 작은 펍과 클럽에서 디제잉을 하며 지냅니다.

제가 호주 시드니에서 작은 클럽 마케팅매니저로써 일하면서 느낀
디제이를 뽑는 기준과, 제 개인적인 클럽 공연 경험들을
두루두루 이야기해보았습니다.

초보 디제이분들이 어떻게 클럽이란 울타리 안에 들어가야할지 막막하실때 조금이나마 도움이 되었으면 합니다.

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