Canterwood Golf & Country Club in Gig Harbor, Washington


My name is Paige Schulte, top Gig Harbor Real Estate agent, from and I’m here to tell you why I love the neighborhood of Canterwood here in Gig Harbor. My family and I moved to Canterwood because we loved that the neighborhood was a little bit larger than the average neighborhood. It provided opportunities for us to be able to walk the dog on a number of different trails. Our kids could play outside for hours in a gated community and we were so close to the amenities provided by the Candlewood golf and country club. There’s an old saying and Canterwood that every day is a vacation and while it seems a little cheesy, parts of it are so true. Summers in Canterwood at the country club involve swim team tennis practice, golf lessons, and endless days at the snack bar. While the club is an awesome way to bring in the social element, when you’re new to the neighborhood, it’s not required to be a member of the club to live in the neighborhood.

Only about 30% of the neighbors that live in Canterwood are actually members of the club…and your friends from outside the community, There are tons of them that also come and enjoy the pool in the summer. Canterwood offers a variety of homes from 2,700 square feet on the course to giant 6,000 square feet homes also on the course, but some off the course as well. That offers you a little bit more time in your backyard to be a little bit louder. That’s what my kids love. People that are interested in Canterwood have a ton of different options. There’s a ton of different architectural varieties throughout the neighborhood, all centered around a world class golf course. If you’re considering a home in canner wood, there’s 780 options, so come on over and take a look.

I’m Paige Schulte, top real estate agent in Gig Harbor, with and if you have questions about the Canterwood golf and country club neighborhood, feel free to give me a call or reach out online.
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