Aircastle – reunion gig at the Forestville Club, 2007


Aircastle – reunion gig at the Forestville Club, 8/18/2007.

In 2007, the founding Aircastle duo, Davey Go and Robert Gilmore, reunited and played together onstage for the first time in 25 years, opening for the Poyntlyss Sistars at the Forestville Club on the Russian River. In April of 2008, Aircastle performed at the “Be There Now” festival at Sonoma State University, a 30 year re-union with past members Karen Stokes (vocals) and Jeremy Cohen (violin), founder of Grammy nominated Quartet San Francisco. The Aircastle duo also played the “Be There Now” festival the following day at the Cotati Plaza, the site of Aircastle’s original swan song gig back in 1982.

1-Mirage – (Gilmore)/Molly – (Doobie Brothers)
2-Goodbye Good Samaritan Blues – (Godet/Kaplan)
3-Saving It For A Rainy Day – (Gilmore)
4-Sonoma County – (Godet)
5-Oh Well – (Peter Green)


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