[3] CYBERPUNK 2077 Corpo Lifepath PC Gameplay – Kabuki Gigs, NCPD Assault and Maelstrom – The Pickup


Welcome to Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, where I play a Corpo lifepath focused character. In episode 3, I spend some time in Kabuki doing gigs for Regina and also participating in NCPD assaults against gangs. We also get to do our first fight club against twins. After that, we go to speak to a Militech agent and then meet with the Maelstrom gang to pick up the bot for our heist. I use a revolver and shotgun for a lot of the episode.

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Playlist:

0:00 Last Time in Night City
1:18 V’s Weapons and Abilities
3:26 Cyberpsycho: Lt. Mower
7:09 Gig: Monster Hunt – Gun for Hire
14:57 Gig: Welcome to America, Comrade
17:58 NCPD Assault in Kabuki
19:28 Gig: Back Against the Wall
23:39 NCPD Assault in Northern Kabuki
25:33 Beat on the Brat: Kabuki Fight Club
28:46 Gig: Shark in the Water
37:14 Paid in Full – Debt to Viktor
40:47 The Pickup – Speak to Militech Agent
46:21 The Pickup – Maelstrom
1:06:48 The Afterlife – Heist Planning

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